Xdef Finance — What is Xdef

Xdef Finance is an elastic synthetic Index fund that derives its value at a rate of Defi TVL x 0.1¹¹. Traders can Speculate the DEFI Tvl with one token. Hedge against DeFi.

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One Stop for Elastic Defi Synthetic Index Fund.

Xdef is an elastic synthetic Index fund with a twist supply changes daily.

The Xdef protocol automatically adjusts supply in response to demand. When price is high, wallet balances increase. When price is low, wallet balances decrease.

  • A brand new asset class that will revolutionize how individuals invest in digital assets.
  • If you own 1% of the network, you’ll always own 1%. No party extracts value and there are no added transaction fees.
  • An asset that can be traded pegged against the underlying asset in the ratio of 1:1

Created by the Team of Combine Finance.

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