Through $COMB (Combine.Finance)

Hello Investors, Farmers, Traders, Bots, Apes, Whales and HODLERS

The Team that brought Combine.Finance ($COMB) is proud to present XDEF.Finance ($XDEF).

XDEF Finance will conduct a public sale in upcoming days.
In order to reward our $COMB holders, we will give them the priority to invest by reserving their public sale allocation through the whitelist form.

Thus, this XDEF Public Sale Whitelist Form will be open only for the $COMB holders, as the team will be manually checking each of participants wallets in order to verify the amount of $COMB they hold.

The amount of $COMB you hold will dictate HOW MUCH and HOW EARLY you will be able to reserve your allocation for $XDEF Public Sale.

(Please see the Tier system below)

Tier 1: 56+ COMB / Limit: 12 ETH
Tier 2: 55–41 COMB / Limit: 10 ETH
Tier 3: 40–25 COMB / Limit: 6 ETH
Tier 4: 24–10 COMB / Limit: 2.5 ETH
Tier 5: 9–5 COMB / Limit: 1 ETH

Public sale will be raised through $ETH as the main currency.

Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for the whitelist,
1. you CANNOT exceed the eth LIMIT
2. you CANNOT invest more than what you have put in the whitelist form.
3. The public sale whitelist form will be open for at least 24 hours.
4. Once the form is closed, the team will begin checking the amount of $COMB in the participants’ wallets.
5. $COMB must be in your wallet when the whitelist form is closed and until the GitHub link for the allocation has been posted.
6. Once GitHub link has been published by the team, the Participants will have 24 hours to send in the funds.

IF there is any leftover allocation, it will be open to PUBLIC by FCFS.

Public Sale Whitelist Form will be available in these two telegram channels. &


🌐 Website:
🌐 Info:
🌐 Telegram:

Combine.Finance LINKS
🌐 Website:
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Xdefi — Defi TVL Synthetic Elastic Index Fund A brand new asset class that will revolutionize how individuals invest in digital

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Xdefi Finance

Xdefi Finance

Xdefi — Defi TVL Synthetic Elastic Index Fund A brand new asset class that will revolutionize how individuals invest in digital

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